After my A-Level, I entered ESCM (School of Creation and Multimedia) in Paris where I took up a computer graphics course specialized in comics.

I remember having a good time. I was with a good friend of mine from high school, another one who spent his time playing the fool and a third one whose favourite activity was playing Robin Hood using his utility knife against us. With them three, there was always something going on. The rest of the team was a happy bunch too !

After ESCM, I got trained as a freelancer in illustrations and websites for a large variety of customesr but the latter soon tire me out. I realised that it was not my cup of tea. The HTML codes pushed my buttons. Same for the illustrations they were fine but I was not thrilled. I prefered dreaming !

My aim : telling stories that could make the world a better place...The naivety of youth but with a touch of realism !

So, in order to enter the comics world, I became a trainee in a comic books production studio in Angoulême. My goal was to make a full length feature film about both hip hop and fantastic ! I soon realised that 10 years wouldn't be enough to achieve this goal which was way too big considering the scale of the story. As I had been loving writing for many years, I decided to make a novel out of my story.

In the meantime, I published Actu Poilue, a book of current events cartoons by Publibook Editions. The book is picked Book of the Month.
As for as my Novel is concerned, it was not published : 700 pages for an unknown author's debut novel was a bit too much, I guess. Besides, my writing skills were not perfect so I had to work on it again before I  could present it to professionals.

But my mind was already wandering on a new path : I wrote a collection of poems entitled "1001 raisons de changer le monde" (1001 reasons to change the world). In addition, Boo Tchou was slowly taking shape in my imagination so I started to build up a folder in order to present it to the editors.

This is when Boo's adventure started. From the first editors' refusal, I have been dedicated exclusively to this cutie duckling while having a bread-and-butter job.

Today, Boo Tchou is expected to be published by Aquadima. If you wonder what Aquadima is, go to the « supports » section.

His creator, just like me, has embarked on a crazy adventure.

The two of us are planning great things for you. So keep an eye on Boo Tchou's website !

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I was about 18 or 20 years-old when I watched a documentary that made me realize the world was not rosy at all. I guess it was a late awakening.

If I remember well , it was a documentary about children being mistreated and being forced to work in factories for multinational companies. I was disgused for two reasons : firstly, the kids had no destiny whatsoever and secondly the gap between the well-intentioned advertisement communication and the reality was too big to stand. 

Later, it was a documentary about African child soldiers that made me angry for good. I knew then I would be an artist but there was no way I would do it without being responsible and implicated.

That's why I really hope "Worl's Boo" see the light one day. We will strive to bring back some humanity, to create products that respect human lives as well as the environment.

That's also the reason why I follow committed people like Frédéric Lordon, Étienne Chouard, Bernard Friot, Joseph Stiglitz or Denis Robert, who bring new ideas and whose great work deserve to be known. They manage to point the most serious flaws in our society but also those which are less talked about.

"Le Mouvement des Colibris", "Les gentils Virus" and "le Mouvement pour la Sixième République" are examples of communities I 'm passionate about.

Hip Hop ! I could write pages about this culture which includes four fields : rap music, grafittis, DJing and dance.

I'm what we call a B-Boy, term which means different things such as Break-Boy for breakdance or Bronx-Boy as it all started in the Bronx in New York.

But actually, a B-Boy is mostly a person who dances according to the Hip-Hop codes and culture : tolerance, unity, enjoying and truly embrace what you do. In order words Hip-Hop is Peace, Love, Unity and having fun.

Hip-Hop advocates fundamental moral values and is based on artistic disciplines.

Hip-Hop touched my soul when I was 20 and has been following me since.

First comic loves

Oh my god, I loved so much being sick when I was young ! For me, having a flu , a sore throat, or a bronchitis meant staying in bed reading Uncle Scrooge adventures. What a treat !

I don't know if it still exits but at the end of the French Uncle Scrooge magazine, there used to be one of Goofy's historical adventure when he was in the shoes of historical figures such as Benjamin Franklin and his kite experiment on thunders, Isaac Newton and his gravity law or Leonardo Da Vinci and the Mona Lisa...I was truly passionate about these stories while I      got really bored in my History class.

Then I discovered Dragon Ball Z, the one and only! At school, everybody talked about Sangoku and his incredible adventures. I used to love drawing all the characters on a notebook.

This is when I got addicted to comics, I think I was in 9th grade.

Discovering Gunnm left me in complete shock, this manga has a poetry I couldn't find anywhere else. The drawings drove me crazy and the story was fascinating especially for the boy I was : curious and a science lover. It was just the perfect story : a cyborg girl found in a garbage heap by a scientist who later discovers that she masters a martial art, and on top of that, the scene takes place in a eugenics-ruled world, what more could I have wished for ?

At the same time, I was digging in my parent's library, reading Michel Vaillant, Ricochet and I found comicsf rom my childhood : Astérix, Billy and Buddy, Gaston Lagaffe...The latter still makes me laugh.

Talking about laughters, Dr Slump by Dragon Ball Z's creator, Akira Toriyama, made me laugh to death ! This is the story of a slightly dumb scientist who creates a little robot girl. Because of her, he will get in all sorts of troubles. 

Dr Slump influenced my work on Boo Tchou. I wanted the jokes to be as funny and simple.  I wanted Boo Tchou to make people laugh and chill after a long day of work.

So, to finish with, here is a list of the comics I enjoyed the most in the last few years :

Titeuf, Le Petit Spirou, Little Kévin.

L'affaire des affaires : a journalist investigates on the Clearstream case, a sort of bank (a compensation chamber to be precise) which hides rich and incluential people's money in tax heavens.

Kenshin le Vagabond. Shaman King. Hunter X Hunter. Noritaka, the king of fighters.

Les chroniques de la lune noire.

Trolls de Troy.

Le grand pouvoir du Chninkel.

Kookaburra, L'épée de cristal et Atalante, all three are from the atypique Crisse.

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